Mastering the TAOS

TAOS is designed to function as an essential aid to your child with neuro-motor impairments including Cerebral Palsy to help encourage upright hands free standing or ambulation. The TAOS is the culmination of over 3 years of design and clinical work by a team of therapists, orthotists and engineers.

These therapists, orthotists and engineers aimed at providing children with the best possible tool to help them out of their seated or prone world and into an upright one.

We had the opportunity to fit Dylan with his TAOS walker while being introduced to the many features that it provides. Dylan adapted quickly to it's ease of use and has since been working to gain more strength and mobility. He seems to function well with it and wants to use it in his school environment. Way to go Dylan!  Big thumbs up for your continued improvement!! -- Click and watch Dylan use his TAOS walker --

About the TAOS Walker:

The patented TAOS has two parts -- an Orthotic and a Mobility Base. These two components work together to provide a unique therapy tool as well as expand your child’s mobility. The patented system provides body support and acts as an extra set of hands that encourages proper gait.

features of the Taos were based on parents’ needs. At Sky Medical we have simplified the system as much as possible to make it a tool you feel comfortable using at home. The Taos has a sit-to-stand and “easy dock” system for joining the orthotic to the Mobility Base. This makes the system easier to get into, especially with larger children. The Mobility Base comes apart into three sections with simple quick-release levers. This enables you to break it down within seconds to fit into even the smallest compact car trunk. Reassembly takes seconds more and off you go! We think you and your child will find a greater sense of independence as you use the Taos in your home, in the neighborhood, and at therapy.

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"Life Without Limits" - The TAOS

Life Without Limits